A Cat Harem Is Better Than A Cathouse: Nyan Koi!

Understanding cats sounds like a blessing.

But only if you like cats.

This one’s perhaps my latest entry yet (at least for fellow east coast USA night owls like myself) thanks to my busy day. But I had to update, because today I finished a most delightful little anime called Nyan Koi!

Tama and Nyamsus see what you did there. And they do not approve. Well, Nyamsus doesn't.

The story revolves around Junpei Kōsaka, who seems to be a pretty typical high school guy. He has a major crush on Kaede Mizuno, a girl who owns dogs but adores cats, whereas Junpei is so allergic to cats that he sneezes if any come near him. One day while outside of a local temple he accidentally beheads a neko-jizō-sama statue, which is a guardian deity of cats. Because of this Junpei is cursed: he can now talk to cats and understand when they talk back to him, and if he doesn’t come to the aid of at least one hundred cats, Junpei will turn into a cat himself. He also can’t let anyone find out about the curse, or else it will progress even quicker. And so the series is off and running with Junpei trying frantically to keep as much distance as possible from all cats while also helping them in whatever ways they require. Junpei’s own family cat, the husky and irritable Nyamsus, helps Junpei by bringing cats in need to his doorstep.

Akari and Kotone see what you did there. And they do not approve. Well, Akari doesn't. Kotone just hopes you trip and fall.

This was a random find on the Anime Channel on Demand, but as a cat lover I knew that I had to check it out once I read the description, and I wasn’t disappointed. As the series is a traditional harem, Junpei is surrounded by several high school girls who torment him while secretly pining for him throughout the duration of the anime, but I found their antics rather amusing, especially those of the twin freshman sisters Kotone and Akari Kirishima. (Kotone proved to be one of my favourite characters thanks to her creepy obsession with misfortune and her stalker tendencies.) The fan service is minimal but still present, which may or may not be a selling point depending on what kind of anime you go for, and is kept mostly to jokes about one character’s larger-than-average breasts. It’s also sub only, but like Princess Jellyfish I had no trouble keeping up and only had to rewind to catch everything a few times.

Overall I enjoyed Nyan Koi! a great deal, and discovered week after week that it was one of the shows that I looked forward to watching the most. The animation is detailed and bright, and both the opening and closing theme songs are adorable. I might even be tempted to check out the manga by Sato Fujiwara, and I’m definitely interested in a second season (though if worse comes to worse, it did have a satisfying ending, in my humble opinion.) This is basically a story focused on daily high school life and the comedy of unrequited (or clueless) love with bits of fantasy thrown in amidst a cavalcade of cute kitties. If you like cats, this is definitely one to check out. Meow!


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