If You Give A Fairy A Waffle, It’ll Put You To Sleep: A Little Snow Fairy Sugar

Don’t feed the fairies!

If you do, be prepared to say that they exist.

I suppose this week’s theme could be “anime series I was excited to watch that failed me miserably.” Today’s offering is an actual shojo anime (not faux-shojo like Akane Iro ni Somaru Saka) called A Little Snow Fairy Sugar. Funnily enough, I didn’t think I could find a shojo anime that I truly disliked. I was mistaken.

Fly away home! Save yourselves from mediocrity!

The story goes something like this: Saga is a young girl who lives with her grandmother in a tiny vaguely German town. She seems to be popular among her friends and the people in her community, and she works hard at the local coffee shop when she’s not in school. One dreary day while making her way home she sees a shivering bundle of fluff sitting nearby. Upon closer inspection it turns out to be a fairy. Saga, not knowing what else to do, offers the fairy a waffle that she had been saving for later. The fairy perks up immediately, devours the waffle, and follows her home. Saga spends the rest of the first episode trying to convince herself that she’s delusional and that there’s no fairy flittering around in front of her and her grandmother (the latter of whom can’t see the fairy). However, by the end Saga finally begins to accept what has happened, and the fairy introduces herself as Sugar, one of the season fairies. (Season as in time of the year, not season as in herbs and spices). Sugar’s actually an apprentice snow fairy, and she creates snow by playing a piccolo.

Either this is a waffle-induced coma, or they were watching their own show.

I fell asleep trying to watch the first episode because it moved so slowly, but ever since I mistakenly bashed Guin Saga I do my best to give any anime series at least two episodes before I write it off (unless I absolutely can’t stand it). Well, when I tried to watch the second episode of A Little Snow Fairy Sugar I fell asleep twice! The gist of episode two seemed to involve Sugar following Saga to school and distracting her while Saga’s friends wondered what on earth could be wrong with her, oh how hilarious and unpredictable! (Note: that’s sarcasm.) Even when more fairies finally began to show up I couldn’t keep my eyes awake long enough to register their names.

Okay, this pic is pretty cute. Even I can't be snarky about it.

I really thought that this anime would be a solid win. Fairies? Waffles? Vaguely German? That should be anime gold! But alas, the pacing was too slow, the jokes were too predictable, and the characters were too trite. I’m guessing that this show is intended for a much younger audience, but honestly I don’t know that I would have been into this one even if I were seven years old again. (Now Unico, that was my childhood anime of choice. Talk about a complex and interesting fantasy with kid-appeal!) Even though I never finished episode two, I feel ready to wash my hands of this series. A Little Snow Fairy Sugar, despite any presumed potential, sadly must henceforth be relegated to the realm of Barney and Friends, Teletubbies, and all the other shows aimed at kids that I find mind-numbingly bland. I’m sure that this show is beloved by someone out there, just not me.

Rating: ★★ The cute, it burns!


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