The Dark Crow Returns, The Spider Lies In Wait: Kuroshitsuji II

A new day, a new demon, a new deal is made.

Which butler will win?

After reviewing Black Butler Season One Part One then Season One Part Two, I finally got around to watching Black Butler Season Two this weekend (better known as Kuroshitsuji II). Why it took me so long, I have no idea, but I’m delighted to say that the latest offering from this anime series is just as delicious as the first two slices, and in some ways more so.

Meet the new guys.

This time there’s another young master, a blond boy by the name of Alois Trancy, and another very skilled butler in black named Claude Faustus. However, this isn’t just the same song sung by a different band. Though there are similarities, Alois’s tale and Ciel’s are quite distinct. Speaking of which, fans of the original need not fear, because both Sebastian Michaelis (the original Black Butler) and young Ciel Phantomhive return as well. I don’t want to divulge too much of the plot so as not to spoil any major surprises. Sufficed to say, there are butler battles galore, as well as almost all of the beloved characters from the first season making a comeback. Now, as to what happened between the end of the first season and the beginning of the second, and just who exactly this uppity newcomer named Alois is, you’ll have to watch to find out for yourself. (As of this writing all twelve subtitled episodes of Kuroshitsuji II are available to watch on Funimation’s YouTube channel.)

Two boys, one maid, and a whole lotta cleavage.

When asked if I prefer this season or the former, I have to reply that I love them together as one giant story arc. However, there are some things that I’m not so crazy about in this latest season. For one thing there’s a lot more over-the-top ecchi fan service. I wouldn’t mind if it were all Sebastian, but sadly it seems to focus around Alois’s maid Hannah, whose only purpose for most of the series seems to be having her enormous bosoms burst forth from her uniform. Then there are some episodes near the end of the series that get a little wacky for my taste. Admittedly it’s quite different, considering the extremely dark turn season one took, but there are a couple of episodes that are very game show-esque and silly. I don’t know who’s more exasperated at that point, Sebastian or myself!

Hey there stranger, got any candy?

However, the good stuff is really good. As I mentioned before, you get to see several of the characters from season one, even if only briefly. I was worried that season two would focus exclusively on Alois and Claude, but luckily the writers know their audience because Ciel and Sebastian are the central figures once more. Just as in season one, questions are raised throughout the series, but what I find so brilliant and satisfying about Black Butler is the fact that a major question will get answered in one or two episodes, but not explained in such detail as to give away the ending. I love intriguing anime series such as Black Blood Brothers, but I hate having to wait twelve episodes to find out even one answer about the storyline. It makes it more confusing and less enjoyable to watch. Black Butler, on the other hand, has always done a good job of giving you enough information to understand what’s happening immediately but still sustaining the mystery of the series overall. As with season one, I was kept guessing about season two up until the very end. And as unsatisfying as the conclusion to season one was, I feel that season two makes up for it in spades. Not that I wouldn’t love to see a season three as well!

When a butler meets a butler, comin' through the rye.

If you loved season one of Black Butler, or even if you just liked it, you really shouldn’t miss out on Kuroshitsuji II. Once again there are some very dark storylines and disturbing details, so this series is not for the faint of heart. However, continuing the adventures of everyone’s favourite butler is well worth the perilous journey. (C’mon, who else would you choose, Mr. Belvedere?) So far there’s no news about a dubbed version coming to a DVD near you, but since season one was just released earlier this year, one can hope that J. Michael Tatum & Co. are hard at work even as I type, giving a (much-loved) English voice to this excellent next chapter in the Black Butler saga.

Rating: ★★★★★ I could technically knock it down half a star since season one is better. But I won’t, because any Sebastian is good with me. Plus the ending is killer.


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  1. llj
    Jun 22, 2011 @ 19:56:43

    Hey there. Just stumbled on your site. I don’t see a lot of comments here, but just wanted to give a thumbs up. I like the visual layout and your writing’s pretty snazzy, too (at least compared to most blogs about anime). Looking forward to following your site and hopefully commenting more specifically on your entries.


    • Miss Pink
      Jun 23, 2011 @ 07:44:33

      Thank you for all of the blog love! I appreciate it immensely. 😀
      Feel free to comment up a storm! (I try to get folks to comment on the actual blog, but most of the time they do so on Facebook. Not that I’m complaining; a comment is a comment!)


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