First Impressions: Trinity Blood, Where Have You Been All My Life?

Vampires never grow old, literally.

I can’t wait to watch this one.

As I look at other anime blogs I’ve come to notice that many people give an episode-by-episode overview. Sometimes they’re quite funny and interesting to read. While I’m not doing that (at least not at this time; it might be intriguing to do so with at least one anime series at some point) writing my most recent review for Kaze no Stigma did get me thinking about how my opinions often change between the first episode of any given anime and the last. And so I’ve decided to begin writing entries that I call “First Impressions.” The concept is just that: my first impressions of a series based on the very first episode of an anime, nothing more. Oh, I’ll keep writing my overall reviews, for certain. But it might be fun to see how my perceptions change throughout the course of twelve or twenty-four episodes.

Do you happen to have a bag into which I might vomit, Miss?

To start this series off right I’m beginning with a show that I watched just two days ago. I have to say, I’m very excited by episode one of Trinity Blood. I’ve been meaning to check this one out for ages, because if there’s one thing that I love as much as anime, it’s vampires. Put the two together and you have solid gold as far as I’m concerned. At this point it seems that we’re in some sort of futuristic society where the two main powers appear to be vampires and the Vatican (as in the Catholic Church, not Vatican, Ohio). We’ve been introduced to a questionable trio of siblings who are the head honchos in Rome, as well as our bespectacled protagonist, a priest named Abel who is currently aboard an airship bound for… somewhere. He makes friends with Jessica, a friendly flight attendant who is studying to become a pilot. All is well and good until an uppity vampire kills the entire flight crew and hijacks the ship. He then sends a message to the Vatican: free your vampire prisoners, or I’ll land this massive hunk of machinery right on top of you. Abel stumbles into the cockpit looking for Jessica and inadvertently (or perhaps purposefully?) saves her life.

Oh this? I just learned a few computer tricks in college.

Once they escape down below into the belly of the ship, Abel shows off some mad computer skills by taking over the airship’s computer and restoring the controls to manual. He then instructs Jessica to fly the ship. Little do they know that the Vatican has already launched a missile to bring the airship down before it reaches Rome. Then there’s the pesky problem of that uppity vampire, who has made his way below in search of the priest. After that the episode gets really good, but I won’t give it away (as per my solemn Otaku Haiku promise of no spoilers).

Abel looking badass, plus some pals we haven't met yet.

I can tell that this show is a bit dated because the picture quality isn’t as crisp as more recent anime, but everything else still holds up well (thus far). It’s Gonzo animation again, and they do some of my favourite artwork. This one is no exception: lean faces (aka not the cutesy Kewpie doll look, despite my love of shojo) and intricate backgrounds make me a happy otaku. Also Gonzo seems to make the only mech anime that I actually like, probably because the mech aspects are part of the background, not the whole story. Speaking of which, the story thus far looks intricate and interesting but not convoluted or hard to follow. Because we’re talking about vampires this classifies as horror, but as of episode one it’s not needlessly gorey. So it’s got just the right amount of mech, intrigue, and blood, which is a recipe for a great anime, in my opinion. Both the opening and closing songs are excellent, especially “Dress (Bloody Trinity Mix)” by BUCK-TICK, which is killer. I’m really digging Abel’s sweet sheepish nature paired with his ability to do great things (such as be a computer whiz). He reminds me a bit of Headmaster Cross from Vampire Knight (and they might even have the same English voice actor, but I’m not certain yet*). I’m happy that he’s our protagonist, and I look forward to learning more about his history and watching his adventures unfold. Overall I was very impressed with episode one of Trinity Blood, and I’m very excited to continue with this series!

*Editor’s note: I just looked it up; turns out the English voice of Abel is Troy Baker, who is in Vampire Knight, but voices Akatsuki “Wild” Kain, not Headmaster Cross. Oh well, I was half right!


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