First Impressions: Polyphonica

Is she an angel or a demon of the night?

Music draws her near.

I honestly had no idea what to expect with Polyphonica as I had never heard of it until I watched the first episode the other day.

Let my giant flower hypnotize you as I stare into your soooooooul...

The show opens with a strange moonlit scene, singing, and an incredibly buxom flying lady in red fighting off some odd creatures in the sky, then floating down to visit the singer. Ooookay. Next we meet a cute guy getting his motorbike fixed while an impatient girl waits nearby. They end up killing time by walking around town, and the guy, Phoron, spies a clearly distraught damsel on a park bench. He approaches her and the impatient girl, Corticarte, reluctantly listens to her tale of woe, which is kind of a pathetic tale, truth be told. The distraught girl, Misaki, is mourning the loss of her grandmother and wondering whether she ought to go back to grandmother’s estate and retrieve a cherished memento of her loved one or not. Unsurprisingly, both Phoron and Corticarte encourage her to go and fetch the memento. (Hello, why on earth would you not?) So delicate little flower Misaki skips off to retrieve the object, and everyone is happy.

A helpful duo in search of something to help: the trees are good, let's go find some people to save now!

But then, (cue the dramatic music, DUM DUM DAHHHHH!) it turns out that grandma’s house is about to go ‘splodey. As in right that very second, developers are pushing the demolition explosives button. And the dumbass, I’m sorry, Misaki, has the memento, but is still making her way out of the house via the underground tunnel! Oh noooooo! Her handmaiden(?) begs the developers to stop, but it’s too late, the button cannot be unpushed! Luckily for them, Phoron and Corticarte happen by and offer their services. Phoron turns his bike into an organ-thing and begins playing music. His music transforms Corticarte into the busty red angel-type gal from before, and Corticarte flies into the rubble and saves the girl who didn’t have enough sense to get her memento out yesterday. Oh yeah, and throughout the episode Phoron keeps calling in to an agency where he clearly works and chatting to the intern who has a massive crush on him. He and Corticarte ride back to their agency, but how will they ever explain that they’re late due to all the wacky adventures that they’ve had?

Our team of musical do-gooders? We haven't met all of these folks quite yet.

I’ll say that I’m intrigued by this show. I like the whole idea of musical spirits/angels/magical beings working with humans and fighting crime and stuff. I could see this series getting much darker, or getting way sillier. Time will have to tell on this one. We’ve already met at least one character who makes annoyingly bad decisions, but maybe she won’t appear again? (Hope, hope, hope, hope…) When Corticarte transforms, her outfit is ridiculously fan service-y. Like, woah. Yet with all those breasts peeking out, no nipples are visible. Maybe that’s what she is, a nipple-less dark angel of music. I like her attitude, even if I don’t like her outfit. Phoron is clearly the breadwinner here, playing up the good guy role and making all the girls fall in love with him. I wonder if he’ll do anything more to deserve their praise than play with his organ and smile. (Okay, that was a cheap shot, but c’mon, I had to take it.) Thus far there’s nothing particularly intriguing about the art, which is a bit dated, or the music, which is pretty but unmemorable. All that’s there is the glint of a possibly interesting story, and I’m willing to keep watching and see how everything develops.


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