First Impressions: Chobits

Boy meets persocom, persocom comes to life.

I smell mecha romance.

Let me begin by saying that I’ve heard of this anime for what seems like forever, and everything I’ve heard has been good. So before anyone gets their panties in a twist because I wasn’t instantly taken with the first episode, know that I’ve heard enough good things to keep watching.

Woah, she's so... shiny. I wonder if I can shop Amazon on her?

Now, with that disclaimer out of the way, here’s the scoop on episode one: Hideki is a teen guy who is in the process of moving to Tokyo in order to attend prep school so that he might improve his grades enough to get into college. He’s not exactly rich, but he takes the time to drool over the shiny new persocoms lining the windows of the big city shops. A persocom, by the by, is an android who is also a personal computer. Basically they do everything, and as such they are costly. Hideki, like so many teenage guys before him, dreams of owning his own persocom to surf porn, among other things. (Isn’t that why the internet was invented in the first place?)

Dumpster diving: the best workout for horny teens.

Hideki meets his next door neighbor, an affable fellow named Hiromu, as well as his attractive landlady, Ms. Hibiya. He’s settling in nicely, but then later on that evening he discovers a lovely persocom just sitting in the trash! After a quick moral debate, he concludes that another’s trash is meant to be his treasure, so he picks her up and takes her with him, not noticing a disk that falls off her in the process. Once he gets her back home, Hideki activates her, but she seems to only be able to say the word “Chi.” Hence that word becomes her name. Then there’s a silly series of scenes in which Hideki tries to hide Chi from first Hiromu and then Ms. Hibiya. He fails with the latter, but many shenanigans take place, and in the end Hideki decides to keep Chi. Huzzah!

Should Hideki have let a sleeping Chi lie?

I’m not exactly sure what I was expecting with this anime. Perhaps my expectations were raised too high after all of the praise that I’d heard heaped on this series. But as I watched there wasn’t anyone or anything that I particularly connected with, and in fact I kept getting flashbacks to Mahoromatic: Automatic Maiden (shudder). A teen guy who likes porn and a naked android there for his pleasure, gee, I wonder why this one didn’t resonate with me. However, I am willing to watch more with the hope that it will get way better. I know that it’s from CLAMP, the much-famed all-female group of manga artists, so surely Chi will develop into a better android than Mahoro. Perhaps I’ll even love it enough to one day cosplay from the series, which would be most excellent, because those Chobits cosplay outfits are super cute!


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  1. jj1027
    Sep 15, 2011 @ 17:09:31

    This one is fairly slow to pick up, but it gets pretty good after a while. Honestly the best even handed review of this one I’ve seen is JesuOtaku fromk the D2Brigade. Her review could give you an idea on whether or not to continue.


    • Miss Pink
      Sep 19, 2011 @ 13:17:05

      Thanks for the suggestion, I just watched her video (which was awesome)! I figured I’d keep going with this one since so many people seem to love it, especially one of my good friends who tends to like a lot of the same stuff. She compared the show’s premise to Data’s eternal quest for humanity on Star Trek The Next Generation, which pretty much sold me. 😉


  2. jj1027
    Sep 19, 2011 @ 15:04:50

    Yeah, a lot of her reviews are good, and chobits made her top 25 anime of all time.
    Love JO.


  3. jj1027
    Sep 26, 2011 @ 23:04:49

    I just put up my own review of this.


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