First Impressions: Tytania

Bishōnen in space!

Drinking tea, waging war!

This series could be good.

I saw the title of this one and thought that perhaps it was an anime take on A Midsummer Night’s Dream. (Y’know, Tytania, Titania, it’s pretty close.) Turns out I couldn’t have been more wrong.

The nobles of Tytania. So far, all jerks.

Tytania, it seems, is a straight-up space opera right from the start. Literally. Operatic vocals belt out a lovely classical-style opening tune as visions of serious guys and their ships flash by in outer space. Not even Star Wars, the mother of all space operas, does that! Once the episode truly begins, we see a space battle about to take place between the overly confident Tytania fleet and a wee rebel force headed by a no-name, recently promoted admiral Fan Hyulick. The head Tytania commander drinks tea and sits idly by in what looks like a throne room but is actually the helm of the ship. He and his fancily-dressed cronies are clearly unconcerned about the fleet lying in wait before them, waiting to strike, and they’re simply taking their time and watching in amusement before wiping the unimposing force out. Indeed, they talk about what a shame it is that the other side didn’t surrender and spare all those soon-to-be casualties.

Now fire the cannons! That should make 'em soil their britches with all that fancy tea they drink.

This battle is the main focus of the first episode. We also get glimpses of four Tytania nobles bullying the ruler of “The Empire,” proving to all who are present who is really in charge (in the process we learn that Tytania is the most powerful clan in the galaxy), and we see a girl pricking her finger on a rose in a lavish garden. (Said girl is the only female shown in the opening credits, so I assume she’ll be back and feature more prominently throughout the series.) By the end of the episode everyone is watching the battle being broadcast throughout the galaxy by Tytania (another cocky move to prove their power to all watching). However, Fan Hyulick, who has been as unconcerned about Tytania as they are with his fleet, has a few tricks up his sleeve. He lures the opposing force in by providing a weak show of opposition, then suddenly unleashes a brigade of crazy space cannons with hugely destructive properties. This shocks the s**t out of everyone in Tytania, both watching and fighting. They quickly kill the broadcast feed, and in the midst of everyone freaking out the oldest Tytania dude murmurs, “Now Tytania will be safe for another hundred years,” or something close to that effect. Because this unheard of battle strategy has now been heard of, see, so they can defend against it in the next battle. And that’s it for episode one.

Blam blam, motherf***er!

I don’t usually go in for anime based on battles (I like badass fight scenes, but that’s different). However, this one I found to be strangely compelling. I don’t know if it was the underlying drama emerging, or the excellent animation, or the fancy guys in fancy space outfits drinking tea. Hello, space bishōnen! Whatever the case, even though episode one was a bit confusing at the start (I didn’t catch any of Tytania’s nobles’ names) I find myself eager to watch the second episode and find out the aftermath of the big battle. Plus as the episode progresses the dynamics of this highly political space world become clearer. There’s an abundance of computer-animated spaceships blasting their space lasers, which doesn’t really appeal to me, but as long as the political intrigue outweighs the drawn-out battles, I’m all for this series. I definitely see potential here, and I’m curious to learn more about this seemingly evil entity known as Tytania.


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  1. johnny ridden
    Mar 19, 2012 @ 21:34:41

    this anime was adapted a novel i don’t know what year but it was close to 1990’s forgive me if i’m wrong. then this year 2008 it was very clear to me that with latest animation that an old anime can be really awesome, right now it 2012 the anime was aired around 2010 of october. i hope their alot of this series to come but i heard that the novel is not yet finish. it really “CLIFF HANGER” to be exact that they showed a good anime and not aired any new season for this art.
    i’d say art because. politics,drama,war,and a hero for a bump.. all blend into an novel and a drama. its fantastic!. id say the novel for me has vague literacy of socialist and revolutionist. a touch of history between nobles and commoners. struggle of power inside and out. basically it has it has a touch of real life drama
    and that it.

    ~~~~johnny ridden~~~~


    • Miss Pink
      Mar 25, 2012 @ 16:48:10

      I agree, I’m really loving what I’ve seen thus far, and I’m not even a super sci-fi fan! I think that the story blends political intrigue with futuristic weaponry and character drama really well. I get to see the final episode next week, so I hope it’s not too much of a cliffhanger, but even if it is, I’ve really enjoyed this series. Thanks for commenting! 🙂


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