One Deer Little OVA: Coicent

A girl in peril, a boy on a field trip.

Adventure awaits them.

Today’s short but sweet entry is about short but sweet OVA called Coicent. It’s a little romantic, a little adventurous, a little fantasy, a little sci-fi, a little of just about everything.

Oh deer! (I can’t pass up a pun.)

We open with a boy named Shinichi on a school field trip to Nara in the year 2710. While wandering around the city a white stag grabs his backpack with its antlers and takes off with it. In his pursuit, Shinichi ends up saving a girl named Toto from a couple of thuggish guys and a freaky old lady who are chasing after her. They’re in pursuit because she’s a… robot-hologram-android-thing made from DNA that’s thousands of years old… or something. Whatever the case, freaky old lady thinks this means that she owns Toto, but poor Toto just wants to catch some fresh air and sunshine. It’s understandable why she’d run.

Welcome to Nara of the future! Sorry, still no flying cars.

Toto and Shinichi have a fun romp through the city, and Toto occasionally whispers dreamy statements about how she’s never seen the ocean. This apparently really floats Shinichi’s boat, because he gets a crush on her but good. Everything is all fun and romantic until freaky old lady and the two thugs (who are her sons) catch up to them. You can probably guess what happens from here, as there’s nothing particularly new or groundbreaking about this anime.

I have nothing snarky to say here. I just really like this picture.

That said, I quite enjoyed watching it. The art was obviously heavy with computer animation, but it was so bright and colourful that it avoided the usual trenches of dark and gritty mecha sci-fi (which I tend to dislike greatly). Toto was typically sweet, and Shinichi was typically bumbling and comedic, but the vocal work of English power seiyuus Luci Christian and Vic Mignogna made the characters really come alive. The music was quite enjoyable, from the opening theme to the lovely tune that Toto sings. The plot was fairly predictable, but given its short running time of twenty-six minutes, the anime does a good job of conveying a full story in such a brief span of time. It didn’t feel as epic as other OVAs I’ve watched such as Coffee Samurai, but I enjoyed watching this one far more than that one, so it was a fair trade-off, in my opinion. Overall, I don’t know that I would watch this anime again and again and again, but I’d be tempted to watch it at least one more time through just for the beautiful artwork in the parade scenes alone. You could do far worse than spend half an hour with Coicent.

Rating: ★★★ A lovely little tale, one that I wouldn’t mind watching again.


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