First Impressions: Princess Resurrection

Saving a life is a good deed.

Too bad his good deed got him enslaved.

Another day, another first impression. Anime Network On Demand has been kind of lacking lately (save for Tytania and Maid Sama, both of which I’m enjoying immensely) so I was pleased as punch to discover a show that, at first glance, I’m enjoying.

Hiro, dead but not loving it.

Episode one of Princess Resurrection begins with a boy named Hiro who has traveled to a new town at the behest of his sister. She wrote to him claiming to have a job as a maid in a mansion where they can both live, but when he arrives at the address Hiro finds an empty, boarded-up house. He turns back around and explores the town while his forgetful sister eats ice cream in a shop nearby. As he walks around Hiro spies a lovely lady in a black dress who, unfortunately, is about to be flattened by some falling construction beams. He manages to push her out of the way just in time to save her but ends up getting killed in her stead. The lady in black shows up at the hospital and imbibes Hiro’s corpse with a magical flame, then leaves. Hiro wakes up in the morgue and runs away.

Hime with the flame of life (which was also the coolest animation in the episode).

Meanwhile, the daffy sister and another maid have taken down the boards and managed to clean up the mansion by nightfall. It turns out that their employer is the same lady in black who visited Hiro in the morgue, and she goes by the name of Hime. (Hime is Japanese for princess.) Hiro spies lights at the once-abandoned mansion and, still in a bit of a daze, sets off once more toward his original meeting place. Once there he finds the other maid and the lady he saved earlier fighting off a pack of wolves who are led by a nasty-looking werewolf. Hiro once again jumps in and protects Hime, this time from the werewolf’s attack. This causes just enough confusion for all the wolves to be annihilated, including the head werewolf, who apologizes to Hime as he dies. Hiro, amazingly, isn’t dead, and the lady he saved introduces herself and explains that she is a princess, because her father is the king of all the monsters. Furthermore, she brought Hiro back to life so that he may serve her, but he needs her flame to remain alive, otherwise after so many hours he’ll cease to exist. The episode ends with Hiro trying to fix the roof of the mansion the following day with both his sister and Hime ordering him around.

Get yer game face on, it's go time!

At this point, I’m liking the show fairly well. The art is good, not great, but I like the gothy tinges around the edges, such as Hime’s outfit. The opening and closing themes were jazzy, and I tend to enjoy anime with supernatural/spooky elements. What I’m not enjoying is the stupid/sexy character of Hiro’s sister. I could tell immediately from her ginormous breasts and spaced-out smile exactly which anime stereotype she was, and it’s one of my least favourites. Also, while there wasn’t much (if any fan service) in the first episode, the opening animation hints that there are panty shots to come, which doesn’t excite me. But I do like the idea of the story, even if I don’t connect to any characters at this point, so as long as it doesn’t become all about ecchi fan service, I’ll probably keep watching Princess Resurrection to see where it goes.


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