First Impressions: The World God Only Knows

He claims to be a god.

It’s time to put his money where his mouth is.

Hello fellow otakus! Wait just a minute, is Miss Pink actually posting on schedule this week? Has the world stopped turning? Is the end nigh? I certainly hope not. There are still so many anime series to watch, manga volumes to read, and video games to play! For example, I would be sad if I didn’t get to check out the rest of today’s first impression: The World God Only Knows.

Ugh, real girls are so... real.

Keima Katsuragi may just be a high school student, but already he’s known as the “God of Conquests.” There’s no girl he can’t win… as long as she’s on a video screen. That’s right, our young protagonist is an avid master of dating sims, but in real life he’s just an antisocial gamer geek with glasses. At least the virtual community acknowledges his greatness, as evidenced by the barrage of emails he constantly receives asking for his help with this game or another. One day he gets an email asking if he can truly conquer any woman, and if so, the sender has a woman for him. Thinking that this references a game and seeing it as a challenge, Keima responds with “A god never backs down.” Immediately the sky turns dark, lightning flashes, and a demon girl from hell named Elsie appears.

Hi there! Hope you feel like collecting some loose souls today, otherwise we're both dead. 'Kay?

Replying to the email actually meant that Keima signed a contract stating that he would help Elsie collect “loose souls,” which are souls who escaped from hell. These souls hide in the hearts of human girls, and the only way to force them out is to “conquer” the girls’ hearts, i.e. fill their hearts with love for Keima instead. Keima is appalled at the idea of trying to win over real girls and refuses to help, but Elsie tells that him the new collar around his neck (and hers) means that if they fail to collect the loose souls, they will be beheaded. So they begin with a schoolmate of Keima’s, and he reluctantly proceeds to try every trick in his virtual book of love to win the girl’s heart.

Just as Marty McFly can't take being called "chicken," Keima can't back down from a gaming challenge.

If Kyoya Ootari from Ouran High School Host Club wasn’t a host, and in fact had little to no social skills or obligations, I feel certain that he would be similar to Keima. At the very least they would be online gamer buddies. I loved Keima from the moment I saw his dandy school uniform and haughty posing, and Elsie is cute without being too cute (her giant skull barrette rocks!). I had no idea what the premise for this show was when I began, but I love this idea. It seems to have the potential for lots of humor as well as romance. The art is good, the OP song is great, and as a gamer geek I can identify with Keima. I may not share his proclivity for dating sims or his disdain for reality (which Keima calls “a crappy game,”) but I can certainly laugh at his exploits while finding him sympathetic. Overall I’m quite looking forward to watching the rest of The World God Only Knows.


2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. GoodbyeNavi
    Feb 07, 2012 @ 20:02:30

    Seems like it kind of sucks to be Keima right now! Haha. Was this a visual novel before it became a series? I haven’t watched it.


    • Miss Pink
      Feb 09, 2012 @ 14:45:37

      It does make for some great lulz. I actually just watched episode four and couldn’t stop guffawing. XD

      From what I understand, it was a manga by Tamiki Wakaki, then a visual novel by Mamizu Arisawa (illustrated by Wakaki), then an anime by TV Tokyo. Right now it’s on Anime Network’s Video On Demand and streaming on Crunchyroll. Thus far, I would certainly recommend it! 🙂


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