First Impressions: And Yet The Town Moves

Balancing school,  jobs, and love is hard work.

Two friends are up to the task.

Today’s first impression is actually a series that I just heard of for the first time a few days ago. By luck it appeared on Anime Network’s On Demand, so I decided to give it a whirl.

Hotori throws up some confused devil horns, making Sanada just love her more.

Hotori just got an after school job at a local maid cafe. The place doesn’t get much business, which delights her classmate Sanada, because that means that he gets to spend tons of alone time with his crush, Hotori. However, Hotori’s bestie Toshiko decides to pay a visit to her friend’s work place. Once she sees how unlike a traditional maid cafe the joint is, she endeavors to train Hotori in the ways of being a proper maid. The elderly proprietor is impressed and offers Toshiko a job, but she declines. All of that changes once she learns that Sanada frequents the cafe, because she has a huge crush on him.

Toshiko and her wild ideas! She's so crazy, lulz!

Throwing a wrench in the plan is their schoolteacher, Mr. Moriaki. He tries to lecture Hotori on her grades after school and ends up following both her and Toshiko to the maid cafe. Once there he admonishes the girls for having a job without the school’s permission, which is against the rules. Toshiko gets the brilliant(?) idea of winning the teacher over with their maid act, so she sends Hotori in to serve him a drink and be extra clumsy, which is considered a cute “type” among cafe maids. Mr. Moriaki doesn’t fall for it, and instead lectures Hotori. Sanada looks in and wonders why the cafe is so busy, then it ends.

Why a "clumsy maid" would be popular boggles the mind. I prefer my drinks make it to my table intact, but that's just me.

This episode really didn’t draw me in that much, but it’s not that I don’t enjoy slice-of-life anime. Princess Jellyfish is one of my top series of all time, after all. The whole thing seemed like it was trying too hard to be ridiculous, but it was just kind of boring. I didn’t care for any of the characters, save perhaps for Sanada, but there wasn’t enough of him to make a deep impression. The music was blah, and I don’t particularly care for that blocky style of animation. I will say that I liked that the maid uniforms weren’t super short or pervy, but when Hotori was trying to impress her teacher with her maid-manner, I thought that it was mildly creepy. When I hear “maid cafe” I instantly think of Maid Sama, but this was a far cry from that series. The elements seemed like something I would enjoy, but when I found out that Akiyuki Shinbo, the director, also worked on Hidamari Sketch, Maria Holic, and Dance in the Vampire Bund, it made a bit more sense at to why I wasn’t jiving with this show. That list is like a greatest hits of anime I despise. I kind of want to give this series a second chance, especially as it’s only twelve episodes, but I’m also getting to the point where I’d like to cut back on the “filler” shows that I watch and concentrate on the stack of anime I received for Christmas as well as my miles-long Netflix queue. And Yet The Town Moves will probably keep moving right past me to make way for shows that I actually want to watch.


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  1. LLJ
    Feb 18, 2012 @ 00:21:14

    Akiyuki Shinbo is currently the “it” director for anime fans, but I must confess I haven’t been able to get excited for most of his stuff either. He has some vaguely avant-gardish editing and animation techniques, but you don’t necessarily get the feeling he has a distinct individual vision, or that he’s an “auteur” as some fans claim him to be. To me he just seems to be just a reliable director-for-hire who’s throws in a few “kewl” techniques that’s just enough to get some street cred.


    • Miss Pink
      Feb 18, 2012 @ 15:45:19

      Yes, you summed it up perfectly! I was so mad that Maria Holic had such a one-note storyline, because I really loved the animation. For me personally, I can love an anime that has subpar animation techniques if the story and characters are awesome. It has to be more than pretty! 😉


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