This is the short story. You can read the long story here. Basically I’m a nerdy writer-type who decided to get into anime in December of 2010. In February I thought it might be a neat idea to keep track of all of the anime that I watch and manga that I read in the form of a blog. Hence Otaku Haiku was born.

I write reviews of series as a whole, sometimes review series at the halfway point, and as a fun August 2011 addition I now write “First Impressions” based on nothing more than the first episode. Quite often my opinion of a series will change drastically from episode one to episode twelve, or twenty-four, or however many there are, and I think it’s fun to see what changes and what doesn’t.

It’s difficult to pinpoint the specific anime genres that I like best because I have such a wide range of tastes. Anything gothic or Victorian or magical is high on my list, and I love a good romantic/comedic shojo series. I prefer horror-tinged to full-on horror, and I like mystery/spy stories as long as there’s something different or interesting about it. I don’t usually enjoy heavy sci-fi, and I hate mecha, but if the story is good I can deal with it. I have no inherent problem with fan service, I just think that a lot of it is stupid and takes away from the story, and that annoys me.

Have I ever been to Japan? Not yet. But I’ve been to Japan in Epcot! One day I hope to tour all over Asia, and Japan will be one of the major stops. I want to visit the gardens of Kyoto, and I want to shop for Gothic Lolita clothing. I practice eating with chopsticks whenever I can, and I’m getting pretty good at it!

Back in May of 2011 I wrote an entry dedicated to my favourite anime fellas. Now that I’ve watched so much more, that list will be different, should I cover it again. But Sebastian of Black Butler will remain the same, as he’s always my number one!

And that’s it. Yes, even the short story is kind of long. What can I say? I’m a writer, I’m wordy. Welcome!


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