Meme Corner: Thirty Days of Anime Rolled Into One

Thirty days of questions, one day of answers.

How would you answer them?

Hallo once more, dear reader. I’m currently working on a hearty helping of new reviews for August, so in the meantime you get another meme ganked from TinerMe. This one is called “Thirty Days of Anime,” but since I don’t like waiting around, you get my answers to all thirty days in one go! And because I care so much, I’m even including a few fun pictures. Enjoy!

Day 1 – Very first anime – It was probably Unico or Tales of Magic.

Day 2 – Favorite anime you’ve watched so far  – Black Butler!!! That was an easy one.

Day 3 – Your anime crush  – Sebastian Michaelis! Another piece of cake.

Day 4 – Anime you’re ashamed you enjoyed – Kämpfer.

Day 5 – Anime character you feel you are most like (or wish you were) – Tsukimi from Princess Jellyfish. We’re both otaku gals who wear glasses and get scared by boys.

Day 6 – Most annoying anime character – Currently it’s a tie between Minawa from Mahoromatic: Something More Beautiful and Remus from Guin Saga. *Shudder*

Day 7 – Favorite anime couple  – Probably Yuki and Kaname or Yuki and Zero from Vampire Knight. (Who will she end up with? It’s so exciting!)

Day 8 – Most epic scene ever  – Hmm, tie between Haruhi trying to save Tamaki on the bridge in the final episode of Ouran High School Host Club and Sebastian saving Ciel in episode two of Black Butler.

Day 9 – Saddest anime scene  – The duel in episode eighteen of Gankutsuou: The Count of Monte Cristo always makes me cry.

Day 10 – Favorite slice of life anime – Princess Jellyfish, yay!

Day 11 – Favorite mech series – I don’t really go for mech, but Gankutsuou has a bit of it, so that’s my choice.

Day 12 – An ecchi picture from your favorite series – I can do one better: the infamous corset scene from episode four of Black Butler!

Day 13 – Cosplay of your ‘waifu’ or ‘husbando’ – As anyone who reads this blog knows, Sebastian is my number one anime fella. However, while I admire all cosplayers, Sebastian cosplay never quite does the trick for me. So instead I’m posting an excellent pic I found of a cosplay Hei from Darker Than Black. Whoever you are, well done!

Day 14 – Current (or most recent) anime wallpaper  – I have a plethora of Black Butler wallpapers, and I’ve been meaning to change it more often, but this has been my wallpaper for several months now:

Day 15 – Post a cute Neko-girl (or catgirl)  – Hazuki from Moon Phase

Day 16 – Post a kigurumi cosplay of your favorite anime character  – I think that dollers are creepy, and was actually grateful that I couldn’t find any of my fav anime characters as kigurumi cosplay. Hence you get a random pic of a gothic loli. Good job, but still… creepy. 

Day 17 – Favorite tsundere – Kyoya from Ouran High School Host Club.

Day 18 – Something moe  – Honey senpai from Ouran

Day 19 – Mandatory swimsuit post  – From episode twelve of School Rumble, because it’s one of my fav episodes. Not as ecchi as you thought it would be, eh? 

Day 20 – Favorite shoujo anime  – Ouran High School Host Club, definitely! Though Special A is becoming a close second.

Day 21 – Best yandere character – Akane from Kämpfer.

Day 22 – Favorite boy’s love couple (or yuri couple, if you don’t like that sort of thing) – Grell and Sebastian from Black Butler!

Day 23 – Anime you think had the best, or most intrigueing art  – Gankutsuo: The Count of Monte Cristo.

Day 24 – Favorite anime hero or heroine  – Hei from Darker Than Black is probably my fav out-and-out hero.

Day 25 – Best anime villian – Hmm, that’s tricky. I tend to like anime that has characters with shades of grey, neither full-on “heroes” or “villians.” I suppose the closest would be Zelman Clock from Black Blood Brothers, because you don’t know if he’s really good or evil, but he is awesome.

Day 26 – Your favorite harem anime – Ouran wins again, for reverse harem, anyway. Traditional harem… probably Nyan Koi!

Day 27 – Favorite anime opening theme song – “Howling” by Abingdon Boys School, Darker Than Black.

Day 28 – Favorite pokemon – Pikachu!

Day 29 – Favorite school uniform – Though I didn’t like the overall story, I did think that the lolita-esque girls’ uniforms in Akane Iro ni Somaru Saka were super cute.

Day 30 – Anime character you want to cosplay – One of the first anime characters that I felt a strong desire to cosplay was Ai Enma, the Hell Girl. However, since I am not a pre-teen girl anymore, I tend to think that I’d do a rather good job as Hone Onna, the Bone Woman of folklore who is one of Ai’s companions. I’d also love to dress as Hazuki from Moon Phase, and the Undertaker or Madame Red from Black Butler. Holo from Spice and Wolf would be fun, too.

And that makes thirty! Hold onto yer britches for some piping hot new reviews coming soon!


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  1. Frederick Heagany
    Jul 24, 2012 @ 02:33:54

    Pokemon or pocket monster is quite cute. My little kids love all of them specially that Pikachu pokemon thingy. *””;*

    Warmest regards“>


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