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All My Bishōnen (An Eye Candy Special!)

I like all kinds of boys,

but give me a bishōnen and I’m in love!

Ah, May is here. Time for the flowers to blossom and the world to come into fruition once more. It’s also a time when love is in the air. As I am your friendly neighborhood otaku, naturally my twitterpation comes in the form of anime boys. My flavor of choice goes by many names: call them pretty boys or metrosexuals if you wish, but we otakus know them best as bishōnen. Today, in honor of May Day and the spring that hath sprung this week, I give you my top five most ardent anime crushes. Enjoy the eye candy!

Number 5: Hei, Darker Than Black

Well hello there, sailor!

Darker Than Black is a series that I just began watching this past week, but I’m already in lust love with Hei. I’ll do a full write-up on the show as soon as I’ve finished, but for now just know that Hei is definitely worth watching.

Creepy mask yet still good hair, then... Ah ha! Upgrade!

He wears cool ninja-Matrix clothing and has kick-ass powers. Sure he wears a slightly off-putting mask, but there’s no Phantom of the Opera lurking underneath. Instead he has a face as fair as any anime boy could hope for, and despite his reputation for being a cold killing machine, he’s quite caring. He hangs out with a talking cat, he leads a double life, he’s mysterious and cool but has a kind heart, and did I mention the powers? (I have yet to hear someone say, “Yeah, he was good-looking and all, but he just had too much power to be attractive.”) Hei is still new to me, and it’s possible that the series could take a dark turn, but I doubt that he’ll lose his charm. You see, I’m not only a good judge of real people, I’m a good judge of anime character, too.

Runner-up: The boys of Alice in the Country of Hearts

(Julius Monrey, Boris Airay, Elliot March, and Blood Dupre)

Seriously, someone make this manga into an anime. Please? It would make my shojo heart flutter ever so wildly.

Number 4: Kaname Kuran/Zero Kiryu, Vampire Knight

Spoiled for choice!

Yuki Cross is one lucky girl. Not only does she have an entire cavalcade of hot vampires interested in her, she also has two equally foxy fellas duking it out for her attention.

Really, you can't go wrong with anyone from the Night Class. It's like a vampire host club!

Everyone enjoys a good love triangle, especially when it comes to picking sides. From episode one I was a full-fledged member of Team Kaname. What’s not to love? He’s a Pureblood, one of the most powerful vampires in existence. He’s benevolent and gentle and protective of those he loves most, but if you cross him or mess with his loved ones he will f**k your s**t up. And he’s completely gorgeous (not many men outside of Labyrinth-era David Bowie can pull off a sexy mullet). But then I read the manga, and suddenly Zero was on my radar. Though he was kind of annoying and rough in the first half of the series, as it progresses as he becomes more, er, let’s say sure of himself, or better able to handle his, um, “life changes.” And that gives him newfound sexy points. Plus he has piercings and a tattoo, yummy! Both guys are lovely, both are loyal, and both can pull off the tortured hero bit without making it emo. I have a few guesses as to which guy is right for Yuki, but when it comes to which guy is right for me, I just couldn’t choose between them.

Runner-up: Senri Shiki

He loves Pocky, hates sunlight, and is generally uncooperative. The two of us would be a match made in heaven.


Number 3: Ushiwaka, Okami

Don't let the flute fool you. Waka is a serious badass.

Okay, so technically Okami is a video game, not an anime. But the story is so lush, the artwork is so amazing, and the music is so stunning that playing Okami is like being inside an anime, which is even better!

I hate to see you go, baby, but I love to watch you leave.

I am not ashamed to say that I have played Okami multiple times with the main goal of getting to the point in the story where Ushiwaka (known as Waka in the American version) appears. A sweet flute plays, then a beautiful boy drops out of the sky and stands in front of you. He is a prophet named Ushiwaka, but he’s also an incredibly skilled swordsman. And his sword is named “Pillow Talk.” And he’s French. Win, win, win, and win. I was immediately drawn to him not just because of his physical beauty (which is somewhat obscured by his baggy clothing) but for his quirkiness and his suave self-confidence. He’s a trickster character, and you’re not sure just whose side he’s on until the end. I love his mystery, his wisdom, and true to form for me, his troubled past. Okami was one of the first steps I took on the path that led me to anime and Japanese culture in general, and Ushiwaka played no small part in that.

Runner-up: Link, The Legend of Zelda

I will always love my first video game crush. Besides, dude has elf ears and earrings. That's an automatic upgrade to bishōnen status.


Number 2: Tamaki Suoh, Ouran High School Host Club

I don't read Kanji, but I'm betting that says, "Dreamboat."

Y’know, it’s funny: I never imagined at the beginning of Ouran High School Host Club that by the end I would have such a mega-crush on Tamaki.

This moment in the anime turns my innards into goo every time I watch it. Every time!

He’s the lead character, and I usually go for enigmatic side characters. He’s a full-blown “good guy,” and clichéd though it might be, I typically prefer “bad boys.” He’s goofy, I go for serious. He’s blond, I like dark hair. And so on and so forth. But I have to say, Tamaki really won me over. It’s not because he’s better at being a host than any of the others (though when he takes a girl’s hand and calls her “princess” it’s definitely swoon-worthy) but because he’s a “pure heart.” He is never deceitful, and he always wears his emotions openly on his sleeve. Sometimes he can be childish and ridiculous, but he’s a dreamer, and he really does try his best to do the right thing no matter what the situation. He genuinely cares about his friends, and when he’s needed, he comes through in spades. I fancy that I see a bit of myself in Tamaki, actually.

Perhaps this is unexpected, given my love of Halloween and Alice in Wonderland, but I actually find Edo Tamaki more captivating than either Mad Hatter Tamaki or Vampire Tamaki. Maybe it's the hair. Or the sword...

Besides that, he really is enticingly stunning with his violet eyes and tousled hair. And he’s part French! And he loves cosplay! And he plays the piano for his sick mother! I mean, come on, that’s heart-melting right there. Out of all my anime crushes, Tamaki Suoh is probably the closest to a “real life” guy that one could hope to find.

Runner-up: Kyoya Ootari

For such a cold guy, Kyoya is damn hot.


Number 1 with a Knife (and a Fork): Sebastian Michaelis, Black Butler

Holy hell.

My fellow bishōnen lovers don’t really need more than this picture to tell you why Sebby is my number one fangirl crush. Everything from his etiquette to his dark eyes to his spotless tailcoat are immaculate.

When the gloves come off, my knees go weak.

Ciel Phantomhive did good when he aligned himself with this delicious demon. For those who haven’t checked out Black Butler yet (and seriously, you should get on that) Sebastian is a demon who serves Ciel, Earl Phantomhive, in Victorian-era England. Whether he’s making a fabulous dinner or killing an enemy with cutlery, there is nothing that he won’t do for his master. Of course part of the deal is that he gets to eat Ciel’s soul once business is taken care of, but would that really be so bad? Looks-wise, Sebastian is my ideal: tall, dark, and ravishing. His hair is über sexy, his clothing is grand, and he even has black nails and a tattoo! *Swoon* But personality-wise, he’s a win on all fronts as well: he is extremely well-mannered, protective of those close to him, and above all else he’s unfailingly loyal. And he loves cats!

That tattoo, those demon-may-care eyes... *sigh*

Really, except for that whole soul-eating-demon thing, he’s flawless. I’m sure even that could be overlooked in time… All this and more is why Sebastian is my number one anime crush, and I don’t foresee anyone taking his place in the future. He’s the complete package, and that’s difficult to come by, even in anime.

Runner-up: No one. He has bewitched me utterly.


And that’s my top five(ish) alluring anime boys! What’s that you say? One more picture of Sebastian? Well, if you insist:

Teach me, Sebastian! Teach me the ways of... chess.

After all, if I couldn’t give my readers beautiful bishōnen boys to look at, what kind of anime blogger would I be?*

*Editor’s Note: One of Sebastian’s catchphrases is, “After all, if I couldn’t do _______ for my master, what kind of butler would I be?”


4 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. teensie-sama
    Jul 14, 2012 @ 23:30:41

    *fangirlscream!!!* Tell me about it!!! I agree wholeheartedly!! Sebastian Michaelis….*drools* there is NOT one single bad picture of him. Seriously. It’s a crime to be so damn hot and sexy. Isn’t it????


  2. amanda
    Jan 11, 2013 @ 19:56:25

    HELL yeah SEBASTIAN ( see what I did, hell, sebastian. yeah )


  3. amanda
    Jan 11, 2013 @ 19:57:59

    my first tatoo will be sebby’s demon sign


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